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It’s Monday morning, which means it’s time for Recommended, the weekly feature in which I recommend the best things I did and ate last weekend. After a while you just start doing the same things every weekend, you know? And then it’s over.

Delaware River Tubing
. It takes about an hour and a half to drive down to the Delaware River Gap–the river stretch between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Once you get there you park your car in a field, rent a tube, and approach the lazy river. Then you float down the river on your tube for a couple hours, at which point you arrive at a spit of land where there’s a big floating food raft giving away hot dogs, hamburgers, soda, chips and candy. After you eat your lunch, you get back on your tube and float down the river again–splashing, spinning, tanning, drinking covert drinks. Then you get on the school bus again, which takes you back to the parking field. The whole experience, from entering the river to exiting the river, takes about three and a half hours. So fun. It cost $23.49. Not $23 or $24, thank god, but $23.49. Just a nice handful of coins to carry with you in your bathing suit on the river. So fun, though. So recommended. (That is not a picture of me.)

Went to Cracker Barrel for the first time, on the way home from tubing. So plentiful. So many meats, so little alcohol.

If you’re interested in spending $16 on mediocre cocktails, Highbar is a nice spot. Rooftop garden in Midtown with shaded pavilions, then a covered semi-indoors, semi-outdoors bar, with low, colored lighting, plants, and a lively scene. But if you’re interested in spending $16 on cocktails, why are you reading this blog and not carving a blog out of ice or something? Ding. Great joke. Just kidding.

For wine and cheese platters in the late afternoon, nothing beats Frankies. For late afternoons, nothing beats wine and cheese.

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