R.I.P. Ronnie Drew

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08/21/2008 3:32 PM |

L Mag Music Editor Mike Conklin draws our attention to:

Ronnie Drew, lead-singer of the Dubliners, who were the single most energetic Irish folk band I’ve ever heard, died on Saturday of throat cancer. The Times ran a nice obituary yesterday, my favorite part of which is:

“Liam Collins, writing in The Belfast Telegraph on Tuesday, recalled a story told my Mr. Drew’s son, Phelim, about the morning the singer stopped into an empty pub for a cocktail. The bar’s only other patron looked at Mr. Drew and remarked, ‘I thought you were off the drink.”

‘I am,’ Mr. Drew replied, but I have a gin and tonic every now and again. I find it helps me to mind my own business. Would you like one?'”

I can’t stop watching this video of the Pogues and the Dubliners playing “The Irish Rover.” Watch how Drew and MacGowan just stand there during the instrumental passages. It’s wonderful.

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