Summerscreen Update: Blue Velvet Rain Date, August 25

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08/15/2008 9:00 AM |

So, as those of you maybe trekked out to McCarren Park Pool this past Tuesday night are already aware, this week’s Summerscreen, at which we were to show Blue Velvet, was called off at the last minute on account of wetness.

But because obvs this movie needs to happen, your make-up date for the Summerscreen screening (you know the drill: gates at 5:30 for music and concrete picnicking; movie at dusk) is Monday, August 25.

That is, of course, the day before Summerscreen’s grand finale on August 26, when we screen Wes Anderson’s Rushmore.

And I wouldn’t be being true to mine ownself if I didn’t mention that this coming Tuesday, August 19, we’re screening probably the greatest movie ever made, Velvet Goldmine.

So see you there, on all three of those dates.