The Time Is Near

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08/27/2008 6:38 PM |

Gossip Girl Fever Is Totally In The Air, OMFG!!! It smells like the Hamptons, or what we think the Hamptons smells like, because, really, why go when you can live vicariously through a well-written show about heinously wealthy and beautiful city-living teenagers? Some veteran editorial staffers here at the L have even claimed the principal cast members of Gossip Girl as their iChat icons/possible alter-egos. Who is who? I’ll never tell, xoxo, etc., etc. But you can guess. (Shockingly, nobody has claimed Chuck Bass.) UPDATE: He’s taken. I mean, he’s Chuck Bass, so, d’uh.

After you’ve exhausted all the exciting, very bad for you possibilities, perhaps you’d like to settle down with the new, five-minute-plus season two trailer the CW leaked today. It’s a mix of old stuff and a few new teasing scenes, including a good look at Lonely Boy’s new love interest–a/k/a the chick that’s been sending Blake Lively into an insecurity shame spiral. Watch and judge.