The Typo Eradication Advancement League

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08/26/2008 1:58 PM |

The New Yorker‘s Book Bench just alerted me to the saga of a pair of typo vigilantes who journeyed cross-country with nothing but the clothes on their backs, their own righteous indignation, and an unlimited supply of Wite-Out. So romantic.

The traveling grammarians–two Dartmouth alums–were recently banned from all national parks for a year,
after they were caught defacing a hand-painted sign at the Grand Canyon
that was more than 60-years-old. Except it was basically for nothing,
because they left the misspelling of “emense” alone. Jeff Deck, 28,
said he was “reluctant to disfigure the sign any further…Still, I
think I
shall be haunted by that perversity, emense, in my
train-whistle-blighted dreams tonight.” Cut the crap, Deck! I think
you’re a bit too self-congratulatory to be a properly stringent
copy-editor. From the sound of that quote, it sounds like what you
actually want to do is write!

Well, whatever, you know you’re going to get a book deal. But really, you should have gone all the way! Emense. Emense. Blech. It hurts just knowing it’s still there.

Of course, the Book Bench drowsily admires the duo’s ardor,” and
finds “charm” in their willingness to get in trubs for the service of
good public punctuation. I’m just disappointed they’re now legally
unable go back and fix what they started. Also, that their blog is down.