Upgrades Department: Electric Mascara

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08/07/2008 11:20 AM |

Would you put a vibrating stick cloaked in oily black paint within millimeters of your eyeball? … is how the 8-year-old in me would respond. The adult part says, “Neat!”

Battery-powered mascaras promise to more evenly and thoroughly cover your eyelashes–and now there are two of them, Estée Lauder’s TurboLash and Lancôme’s Ôscillation. They both sound exactly the same, except one’s $30 and the other’s $34. Has anyone given these a whirl (a buzz, ha) yet? They’ve been selling out everywhere, and are, apparently, in the midst of a mascara war. It’s kind of like the Iraq War.

Where’s Maybelline in this? They should make a pink one, a la Great Lash (males, have you stopped reading yet?), and call it RoboQueen. Or LashBot. BuzzStick. Makeup Machine.

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  • Is this like a discreet vibrator for the masses type thing. Like the “personal massagers” tucked away in K-Marts and such?

  • Yeah, first you apply it to your face, then you just drop it into your pants.

  • you know, i was just looking at a mascara ad and thinking mascara was about the most useless, let’s-add-a-billion-pieces-of-plastic-to-the-environment-for-nothing product out there.

    and then came this.

    glad to see they’ve added toxic heavy metals and tiny moving parts to the equation. and we’re expected to pay $30 bucks for the privilege.

    firing squad! for inventors and users!