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  • When I saw this fellow at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade I nearly fell over laughing. He’s the perfect symbol for a company that produces bad food at horrendous prices. To say you get change at McDonalds(an old ad campaign)isn’t saying much. The Burgers are hideous and his face goes to show what happens when you eat too many of them. You also can get very fat if you eat too many of them and the french fries.

    As much as I dislike Government meddling I’d have to hope this calorie posting measure either improves the food or drives their sales down. Actually the latter may bring out the former. First McDonalds made a somewhat sincere effort to address health concerns by putting Salads on their menus which, compared to the other chains, are the only decent and substantial things they sell. Now perhaps they’ll introduce McPasta?