Whiter Shades of Pale: A Game

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08/05/2008 10:00 AM |

Can anyone match the tattoos to the L Mag editor/drinker? (Descriptions courtesy editor-in-chief Jonny Diamond.)


A. Buffoonish Canadian drunk who makes up grammatical rules whenever challenged.


B. Self-loathing Long Islander who’s never afraid to use the first-person. Also a drunk.


C. Skittery Maine native who dreams in autophagous clauses. [(Likes to; drink)].


D. Red-cheeked Massachusetts wino predisposed to the ALL CAPS key.


E. Maine-born art director fond of beer and icy stares.

I had to make the pictures small because skin is so ugly up close. They still look a little gross, though. Also, no bonus points for guessing what parts of the body these are on, but they’re all G-rated. Feel free to make fun of us for being self-indulgent and hairy, but make sure to submit a guess as well.

Match the tattoo to the L Mag editor (totally unbiased descriptions courtesy our editor-in-chief Jonny Diamond):

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