All I Want from Life’s a Little Indie Bookstore to Take the Pain Away

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09/16/2008 10:15 AM |

Life may indeed be a series of physically, emotionally and morally impossible hardships that we endure en route to oblivion (I am currently reading The Road), but there are occasional glimmers of light. Like, the fact that we live in a world where something called The Fort Greene Indie Bookstore Initiative can exist, and dedicate itself to exactly what it sounds like it’s dedicated to — it’s almost enough to make you forgive your parents for not smothering you in the crib and saving you all this pain (I am about 50 pages into The Road).

The FGIBI is an organization started by the dedicated Jessica Stockton Bagnulo, and dedicated to laying the groundwork, and building excitement, for a new bookstore in Fort Greene. I think this is something we can all get behind.

To get behind it, there is a party (which you can read about on the above-linked Bookstore in Brooklyn bog): tonight, at BAM’s Harvey Theater (it was moved there because so many people RSVP’ed). Basically there will be drinking and mingling, and Colson Whitehead, who lives in Fort Greene, will read. And everybody will get excited about how much they’re looking forward to the new bookstore that’s presumably coming into their neighborhood. It’s exciting, and a not insignificant distraction from the inherent existential void, with little to no sign of spiritual deliverance, that is life on this blighted fucking planet.

Oh, the picture. Ghost Writer was set in Fort Greene. Word.

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