Also Tomorrow: The New York Spelling Bee

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09/19/2008 6:06 PM |

Are you still not over misspelling phlegm back when you were an over-achieving seven-year-old attempting to go for elementary school gold? Have you not yet had the opportunity to birth childrens who you can parent-pressure into fulfilling the perfectionist dreams you weren’t quite able to realize? Are you free Saturday evening at 8 pm? Do you enjoy popcorn?

Well, then, you should probably attend the Housing Works Café’s New York City Spelling Bee. It’s for adults, it will be erudite and amusing, and it is, we are told, “an opportunity to relive or redeem your grade-school humiliations, but with more beer.” Also, as previously stated, FREE POPCORN will be provided. This is useful, particularly if you’re planning to abstain from the alchy as part of your WIN strategy. You didn’t get this idea from us.

More info can be found at Housing Works‘ website or at And yes, sleeping with a dictionary under your pillow tonight really will help you learn through osmosis.