Apocalypse Now?

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09/26/2008 5:15 PM |

Enjoy your last weekend before the Chinese takeover of our economy, everyone, by coming to Common Ground on Avenue A and doing Jaeger shots with Sharon Steel and the rest of the L Mag editorial team at Saturday night’s The Best of Literary reading, our contribution to the hopefully epic Lit Crawl NYC, about which I believe I’ve spoken previously. We’ll start at 7:15 promptly, assuming Jonny hasn’t decided to suspend our reading.

Also tomorrow night, and also previous plugged in this space because it will be excellent, you can party like it’s 1999 at BAM’s Takeover party, featuring an all-night dance party, four-screen movie marathon, live music, art installations, hangout rooms, and many hundreds of your closest friends. Two thousand zero eight economy over oops out of time, but you should at least have fun on Saturday night. See you on Monday, assuming there aren’t just tumbleweeds tumbling across this blog by then.