Become A Hills Blogger…If You Look The Part!

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09/08/2008 2:30 PM |

Seminal semi-scripted reality shitshow The Hills is looking for Official Bloggers, and you know that’s going to look fucking rad on your resume right after "Columbia University School of Journalism, MA. Graduated May 2008." Straight from their officially official Facebook fan page:

Hey Guys!!!

Do you like to Blog? Love blogging about The Hills? We’re coming directly to our most passionate fans of The Hills in search of Official Bloggers for The Hills on We’ll be taking submissions over the next 3 weeks for 2 candidates to blog about each episode. If you are selected as one of our 2 bloggers, you will have your blog posted online each week. Your blog will be ranked by other fans, and the blogger at the end of the season with the highest ranking will win the opportunity to blog live from The Hills finale in LA with Lauren, Audrina, Lo, and other cast members!!!

Okay, so! All they require is a boatload of personal information, a photo–because how you possibly BLOG about the beautiful people of L.A. if you aren’t eye-meltingly hot yourself?–and, oh, some previous experience would be nice. Send in your URLs and and a short paragraph about why you heart Interwebs, Justin Bobby’s facial hair patterns, and Lauren’s mascara cry-face to

This may be your only chance to totally put the face on those after-show gasbags.

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