‘Burg for Barack

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09/05/2008 12:32 PM |

It’s been fun, this past week, being all angry and sarcastic about Republicans and stuff (if “being all angry and sarcastic about Republicans and stuff” was an Olympic event, I would be mouthing the national anthem as we speak), but maybe we can do something semi-constructive for a change (I said “change,” everybody drink)? Like, maybe, listen to indie rock and eat cupcakes? Yes, yes, of course.

The “Burg for Barack”, tomorrow (Saturday) night at Sound Fix on Bedford Avenue, begins at 6pm. There’ll be semi-acoustic sets from (L Mag fave) La Strada, Twi the Humble Feather and Amber Rubarth. A bake sale (cupcakes! brownies!) and a silent auction featuring clothes, pretty accessories, yoga classes and spa packages and other stuff from Williamsburg businesses, and more. Suggested donation of $5, and 100% of proceeds go to the Obama campaign.

Hanging out in Williamsburg on a Saturday night listening to indie rock, Change We Can Believe In.