Comebacks: The Britney Spears Circus

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09/15/2008 4:30 PM |

Now that Amy Winehouse (who is somehow, shockingly, only 25-years-old) has decided she’s too rough-looking to attend her own birthday party, dear Britney Spears is ready to reclaim her trainwreck crown. The pop star has remained fairly off the radar of late — though she recently made the Jonas Brothers dreams come true (and got them to say “hell”!) — is preparing to release a new album, Circus, this December. Just in time for the hols! But first, she’ll release a single, wittily titled “Womanizer,” which will hit the radiowaves on September 22. Perfect: we’ve got over two months to be completely ironically in love with it and then utterly disgusted by it by the time the full album drops. One can only hope it’s as lyrically enlightening as Blackout‘s “Piece of Me.”

There’s no word yet on what kind of promotion Spears will be able to do for Circus. For Blackout,
she shot a few videos, did one interview (sort of) on Ryan Seacrest’s
show and then became a daily headline fixture for anything but her

“She needs to do what’s involved [this time],” he said. “Do interviews,
do a tour. Don’t release it until you’re ready to promote it.”

Lovely, that use of Perez as a secondary source of advice. It’s so much fun outlining what someone needs to do in order to get their shit together, and then watching them do the exact opposite, and then enjoying it even more than you would have enjoyed it if it were a success, isn’t it? Britney, you ephemeral Queen of the Zeitgeist. Shine on.

[Via MTV News]