Failed Navy Pilot Crashes US Economy… But It Might Get Him Elected

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09/26/2008 11:04 AM |

In what might be the most daring — and cynical — piece of high-stakes
political maneuvering in the history of presidential campaign
desperation, John McCain has managed to align himself with a group of conservative House Republicans against a toxically unpopular president and a deeply loathed congressional majority. You see how he did that there?

From a broad-strokes narrative perspective, McCain has galloped into
evil Washington and stopped the fatcats from handing over taxpayer
money to Wall Street tycoons (even though he didn’t actually say
). What looked like a hail mary on Wednesday
is now, frankly, looking pretty good for McCain’s mini-Rove, Steve
, who’s doing all that he can with a terrible candidate. In fact, it’s
all turned out so well, one wonders if House Minority leader John
Boehner was in on the set-up, which Barney Frank is now calling "an
Whether or not you think the bailout plan (or what we know of it) is a
good one, as far as Presidential Campaign Chess goes, this was one hell
of a good move.

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