Filming In Brooklyn: High Above the Clouds

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09/24/2008 3:07 PM |

High Above the Clouds is a new play by a young and extraordinarily precocious Brooklynite (psh, aren’t they all!), who asked her classmates to star and help film her first feature-length project. Her mom, as Gawker helpefully points out, is sort of an uncredited producer and stand-in cinamatographer, heh! According to the intercepted email:

The story involves two civlizations, one on earth and one in the
clouds, whose inhabitants come into contact with one another (amidst
much music and dance), and learn that despite differences in
backgrounds, ethnicity, gender, etc. they can still be friends — or
even more (there is a love interest woven into the plot).

Fuck, it’s Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials meets The Care Bears. I
am jealous of this girl and her big ideas — bully for her! The creative underclass is fighting back. Oh, and just so you know, I’m available afterschool and would love to work on costumes if you need outsider assistance.