Girl Talk Is Dangerous

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09/11/2008 4:00 PM |

OMG, stop being such a Chatty Chathy! It’s for your own good. Thursday Styles reporter Sarah Kershaw and some psychologists have come to the earth-shaking revelation that “girl talk” can lead to all sorts of emotional difficulties that might wreak havoc on the coming-of-age process:

The term researchers use is "co-rumination" to describe frequently or
obsessively discussing the same problem. The behavior is typical among
teens — Why didn’t he call? Should I break up with him? And,
psychologists say, it has intensified significantly with e-mail, text
messaging, instant messaging and Facebook. And in certain cases it can spin into a potentially contagious and unhealthy emotional angst, experts say.

It’s all technology’s fault for turning something wonderfully antiquated into a frightening mine-field. Sharing your troubles with your besty has now gotten completely out of hand. (Next week: Pillow Talk And How It Could Kill Your Spouse.) Too much oversharing! Better to just keep it all inside; nobody likes a complainer. Or lipstick, at least, not anymore. What a healthy, female-empowered nation we are.