Grinding the Rumor Mill: Miley Cyrus

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09/08/2008 11:00 AM |

People are really out to get Miley Cyrus: when you’re a Disney darling and the most Popular Girl in the World, the rumor mill goes warp speed crazy on your ass. And I’m not even talking about that Vanity Fair cover, which, well, let’s just not go there right now.

Last September, teeny-bopper mag J-14 issued a false report that the Hannah Montana star was preggo. And nearly one year later (what is this, the back-to-school version of morbid gossip bullshit?) some losers claimed that Miley died in a fatal car crash. Yahoo actually picked up the story, which also wound up on Digg.

Gross. That said, the whole Miley-Cyrus-Nick-Jonas-Selina-Gomez love triangle via song lyrics is totally my favorite thing in the world right now: seriously, why are they fighting over NICK JONAS? It’s like saying Isaac is your favorite Hanson brother. Not. Okay.

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