Hack the Planet: Sarah Palin’s Yahoo Account

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09/17/2008 6:32 PM |

Hey Internet voyeurs! Today’s recreational reading: a bunch of what everyone seems to believe are Sarah Palin’s emails. The address has been deleted, but the stuff you need is at Gawker and the Peter Rose Blog.

As I was scrolling through the screenshots of her Yahoo correspondence, I was reminded of several other instances of invasive email hacking that made the famous account owner go shame-faced.

In 2005, someone hacked into Paris Hilton’s email. No biggie, because Britney flashed her panties again and everyone forgot about it.

Before Lindsay Lohan was posting semi-cognizant anti-Palin essays on her MySpace blog, she was sending out unintelligable emails to Page Six that wound up all over the blogosphere in 2006. Everyone is glad she’s found a new purpose in politics — except maybe a gracious Barack Obama.

And last year saw the leak of an infamous Nicole Richie party invite. She’d asked friends to a pool Memorial Day bash “even though we have no clue” what the holiday really means. “There will be a scale at the front door. No girls
over 100 pounds allowed in. Start starving yourself now. See you all
We laughed, and we were disgusted. She had a baby and was quiet for awhile.

And now there’s Palin, the latest “It” Girl on the scene. Far be it for us to distinguish Washington from Lala Land — she is one, and she knows she is one — otherwise why would she be hiring a secret stylist team to dress her before big events? We might not have learned anything from the Hollywood trifecta beyond what they’re buying, who they’re doing, and where they’re throwing back their booze. It may be an invasion of privacy, but if the Veep hopeful was so keen on conducting her official business in private, she’d better be prepared to have her private bits exposed.

What’s next, a spread in Maxim?

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  • Christ, and I thought it was embarrassing when the Obamas were on the cover of US Weekly and everyone was calling him by his first name.

    I know celebrity journalism is the only form of media that actually sells anymore but seriously at one point to editors stop saying “No when it comes to coverage of matters of lasting historical consequence I will no longer cater to the appetites of slack-jawed starfuckers who like to argue about famous people like they know them.”

    Pro: new media has wrested the power to set the terms of the discussion away from the MSM (which is one unit, you know) and into the hands of people.

    Con: people, by and large, are idiots.

  • Sorry, Sharon, I meant that people are idiots for only being able to relate to politicians who seem like they could be celebrities, and for acting like the Republican vice-presidential nominee is someone who, like Hilton/Richie/Lohan, we should just dig into for the sake of having flashy revelations.

    Not, of course, that you’re an idiot for commenting on the increasingly obvious parallels between our treatment of Palin and them.