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09/09/2008 10:05 AM |

So, last year, as some of you maybe recall, the night they set the clocks back, BAM put on this kind of amazing all-night event called Takeover, from about just after the dinner hour until 4am, in which the entire Lafayette Avenue space was given over to all-night movie marathons (a themed program in each of the four movie theaters), bands on the hour (in the Opera House space), art strewn about the place, a dance party upstairs in the BAMcafe, and drink and whatnot.

BAM is, unsurprisingly, doing it again, at the end of this month. Saturday, September 27, in fact, and you can get your tickets (and plenty more info) here. The music this year is “curated” by Sufjan Stevens, which I assume means that he called up St. Vincent and said would you like to play yes of course I would Soof-yan. The movie programs feature Lars von Trier’s maddening, sporadically awesome The Kingdom series from the teevee in Denmark, a Reel World: Brooklyn program (Saturday Night Fever, She’s Gotta Have It and The Warriors), an “Up All Night in 1985” program featuring VHS chestnuts, and a program of beer-themed movies by such luminaries as Guy Maddin, W.C. Fields and the McKenzie Brothers. There’ll be video art installed on-site in the lobby, drinking and dancing in the BAMcafe, and, weirdly, a “Rec Room” where you can play, you know, Wii and stuff.

Here’s the link for tickets and info again if you skipped the description part expecting to get the pertinent links and info at the bottom of the post. We aim to please.

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  • Last year was so much fun, I hope burlesque artists are back as well…

  • Hint re: The Budweiser girl who walks around with a bucket full o’ poker chips. Surreptitiously look inside the bucket before drawing. Make a mental note of one particular chip that says “iPod.” Reach for this one immediately and clutch it inside your palm. Still holding onto the victory chip, play along with the girl and continue to dig around for a while. Really ham it up. After several seconds, dramatically withdraw your hand, ipod voucher in hand. U can haz iPod!

    Be warned, you may in fact be accidentally drawing “iPod speakers.”