I Was For Steve Schmidt Before I Was Against Him

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09/29/2008 11:15 AM |

So I was totally wrong about that whole "Mr. McCain goes to Washington" stunt last week — it was a political hail mary that bounced around on the receiver’s fingertips until falling to the icy ground. (This metaphor is correct, yes, my American friends? You see, in Canada, the receiver bounces you!). I guess eight years of deeply cynical Republican maneuvering coupled with a complacent press and a docile electorate will leave a person with low expectations. But amen praise jeebus, the electorate isn’t buying this crap , nor is the press running with any of the silly narratives floated out by the McCain campaign. So, hooray.

Also, in admitting my mistake (flip flop!) I realize I am basically the country of France. And, therefore, I suck.