I’m In Your Sartorialist, Taking Pictures of Fashion Cats

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09/24/2008 9:45 AM |

The Catorialist is probably the best new blog in the world. Or just for today.

At right, an image entitled “Parisian Youth.” Below, the kitty-fied version of Scott Schuman‘s effusive praise for urban menswear worn with the proper flair:

I saw this young gentleman and couldn’t get over how perfectly his
heart-shaped tag goes with his entire ensemble. I can only assume it’s

Why is it that blogs about felines that mock blogs about other things in faux-naif tones never, ever, ever get old? There should be a whole internet’s worth of cat blogs that do this, and perhaps from there we can expand…one fine day, you will be able to pick up a cat-version of The L from an orange cat-shaped box on the street, and it will be more glorious than words can express.