Incredibly Awkward: Sex…with Mom and Dad

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09/22/2008 3:05 PM |

The executive puppetmasters at MTV are usually pretty genius about the packaging of their shitshows and televised trainwrecks, but man, things are getting so much worse than I ever thought they could.

They really should just let Adam Divello produce and create their entire lineup: The Hills is what the people want, isn’t it? Unless what they actually want is watching other teenagers discuss sex with their parental units. With Loveline‘s Dr. Drew moderating. Ew.

The cruelly-titled Sex…with Mom and Dad, which premieres next Monday, Sept 29 at 7pm EST, goes a little something like this:

In each half-hour episode, Loveline’s Sex and Relationship
Expert Dr. Drew will help a teen and their parents work through their
problems about sex, dating and relationships. Maybe a dad is worried
that his daughter uses her sexuality to get attention; a son is
concerned that ever since he came out of the closet, his parents
haven’t acted the same towards him; or a son’s “ladies man” M.O. has
mom worried that sex, and the girls he sleeps with, mean nothing to

Okay, so, seriously, the program may actually be a decent way for kids to discuss real issues and break down barriers with their families — albeit in an insanely public forum. But even if that manages to happen, it will all be overshadowed by MTV’s usual formula of capitalizing on the gross pain of adolescence while simultaneously fetishizing it to the masses. Which of course means: it will be a hit! (And maybe Speidi can guest-host!) Perhaps a good thing seeing as the next season of Degrassi is still a month away.

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