Kooky Chinese Actress Says “No” to Wall Street Life Preserver

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09/24/2008 4:07 PM |

[For this post about the proposed Wall St. bailout I wanted to find a picture of some Burt Dow, Deep-water Man-type dude in a yellow slicker bailing out a dinghy. So I went to Google Image Search and typed in “bailing”, and it came back with a lot of pictures like this. So this post is brought to you by Red Corner star Bai Ling.]

Happy as everyone (that link and also this if you happened to see it last night) seems to be that the New Depression will basically serve, in New York City at least, to put some ice on the swollen real estate market and thin the herds of finance douches (and result in MTA rate hikes and school-system budget cuts to cover the reductions in state income taxes money coming back to us from Albany), there is of course the not inconsiderable risk of Paulson and Bernanke’s bailout kinda sorta serving as a way for the American taxpayer to socialize precisely the same kind of boom-bust speculative market that got us into this shit in the first place. (Galbraith’s “socialism for the rich.” he total wire-crossing that’s going on between free-marketers and socialists and anti-socialist libertarians, on both a national political and man-on-the-street/rural postal route level, over this whole bailout thing has been fascinating.)

So, a protest, this time tomorrow!

Agitate against the bailout (or for a conditional bailout contingent upon more stringent regulation) (but not executive pay caps because that’s just a condescending election-year sop like the stimulus) with the fine folks from No Alternative, tomorrow at 4pm at Bowling Green Park.

And, inspired by the genius bit of bipartisan populist Situationist art Buy my Shitpile, protestors are encouraged to bring their own worthless assets to dump off and request that the government buy up off their hands and hold to maturity.

Bai Ling will be there, I’ve been told.