Miley Watch: Nicholas Sparks to Engineer Disney Darling’s Crossover

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09/17/2008 3:15 PM |

In order to protect Miley Cyrus from the big baddies and further sweet-young-thing-exploitative photo shoots, author Nicholas Sparks is intervening in Miley Cyrus’ career. According to MTV News, Sparks, who wrote The Notebook (fingers crossed that Ryach stay together this go-round) and A Walk to Remember, is penning both a novel and a script tailor-made for Miley. It sounds weirdly orchestrated and kind of creepy, maybe because it is? See, he just wants to help her come-of-age on the silver screen, squeaky-clean style:

Some directors have an actor in mind when they cast a movie or adapt a novel. But when you’re Miley Cyrus, famous authors write a novel and movie script for you. That’s what Nicholas Sparks, best-selling author of “The Notebook,” is working on at the moment, according to Variety.

The 15-year-old “Hannah Montana” star will headline the untitled
film, which will be produced by Disney-based “Hairspray” director Adam
Shankman and Jennifer Gigbot. Gigbot told Variety that the
project was inspired by a meeting with Cyrus about how to help her
transition into more adult roles. Cyrus cited Mandy Moore’s 2002 drama
“A Walk to Remember” — also written by Sparks — as an example of how
she would like to make the transition away from her teen-pop persona.
As with Moore’s movie, this one would feature Cyrus acting, but not

The book will be out next fall, at which point hordes of hysterical Hannah Montana fans will put Potterheads to shame with their celebratory bookstore parties. Demi Lovato is trying really hard not to cry right now, and Mandy Moore is praising all that tastes like candy that she got the hell out of this shit while she had a chance.