Oasis: Somewhere In The Subway Tunnels, Tomorrow Night [UPDATE]

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09/11/2008 3:00 PM |

Blur would have been better, but Blur isn’t releasing a new album next month:

…there will be a whole slew of musicians singing the same tune in the
Big Apple on Friday, when more than 30 performers will be covering
nothing but new Oasis songs at various locations
(including Times Square, Penn Station, Astor Place and Grand Central
subway platforms) as a special promotion around the band’s
not-so-secret NYC show the same night at Terminal 5.

The band’s
label tells Spinner that one of the Gallagher brothers may even be
making a surprise appearance with one of the acts, who are volunteers
from MTA’s Music Under New York Program and will be taught the tunes by the band themselves during an intimate rehearsal session that morning.

Noel will probably pee on the best cover band.

[Via Spinner]

UPDATE: Noel is deathly afraid of his fans hurt his poor hip, so the band’s show at Terminal 5 has been canceled. This also means means they aren’t likely to be hanging out in the subway, either. Blur never would have fucked this up.