Out Now: The L Magazine’s Fall Fashion Issue

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09/03/2008 12:41 PM |

The weather is changing, which means it will soon be too cold for the board shorts and mesh tank I’ve been wearing every day since Memorial Day. But ever since my mother stopped laying out my outfits for the next day, I’ve been petrified by the process of dressing myself. L Magazine Fashion Editor Laurel Pinson, tell me what to wear!

  • Ok. In our Fall Fashion Spectacular, Queens for a Day, Laurel takes two human dress-up dolls (“models”?) out to Long Island City and dresses them up in the fabric of the times. So, like, blazers and stuff. There are a lot of pictures, helpful so you can see what these pieces actually look like on people (and check to make sure you have your own clothes on right-side out), and also helpful for us in that there was less to copy-edit.
  • Although we still had to copy-edit Laurel’s wish list, in Fashionville, where she runs down six more coveted items for the season; and also her rundown of Fashion Week, which as I understand it is sort of like when my mom used to lay out clothes for me, only instead of my mom it is the entire world.
  • Plus, cabbies and bartenders critique your outfits (we are judging you as well, but silently).
  • And Sharon Steel makes her Popscene debut. It’s a big day for her, everyone’s so proud.

All that and, as the Andrea True Connection says, more more more. (How do you like it, how do you like it?)

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  • Mark, don’t you dare retire the mesh tank, it’s so flattering! Double check with Laurel, but I think it would look terribly chic if you wore it underneath a jean jacket all through the fall.

  • Agree with Sharon. If you wear a mesh tank, mark, we’ll be able to see your nipple rings all the time, and not just when we go to staff pool parties.