Out Now: The L Magazine’s Food and Drink Issue

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09/24/2008 1:13 PM |

You cannot eat The L Magazine (even if you take out the staples the semiglossy paper is treated with some stuff that you can’t really boil off), but we can help feed you, with our Food and Drink Issue.

There is, first of all, Value Meals, which is to say, ten great NYC meals for under $30 (the “great meals for under $XX” construction” is the most accurate barometer of inflation yet invented), as selected and food-written by our restaurant critic Jeff Harris. They are great meals, accompanied by food-pornographic photographs, yes, if you are hungry this article will make you full and if you are full this article will make you hungry.

(Harris’s restaurant review this week, ironically, is a total bummer. But the bar review sounds promising if you like chandeliers and cocktails.)

When they say “please drink responsibly”, do they mean “responsible for the sustainable stewardship of our ecology and economy”? Conscientious Objector Amanda Park Taylor says yes they do and here are all the ways you can be a locavore, but with delicious delicious alcohol. (And, in this week’s Objector column, she talks about The Goat Effect.)

Plus, bartenders tell you how to cure your hangover (shockingly no one suggests hair of the dog), cabbies talk about eating on the job, or not, and famed hash-slinger Kenny Shopsin talks shop.

Plus Jenny Lewis, Spike Lee, Carlos Reygadas (if you don’t know, now you know) and more. Om nom nom, forever.

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