Out Now: The L Magazine’s Nightlife Issue

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09/17/2008 12:39 PM |

Thanks to everyone who came out last night for our second annual Nightlife Awards party, which I’m told was fun, fun, fun until daddy took the T-Bird away. Our Nightlife Issue, out now, spotlights the winners of said Awards, recongnizing Nightlife Excellence in categories from Best DJ to Best New Party to Best Door Staff to Promoter Most Likely to Coerce You Into a Bathroom Stall, et cetera et cetera. Basically, for those of you who would like to lead a vibrant, edgy, seven-nights-a-week social life, but have no idea where to acquire one.

  • Elsewhere in the magazine, Michael Joshua Rowin talks about cultural appropriation, white liberal guilt and Hollywood’s new minstrel show (like the opening credits of Superbad, for instance), in The White Negro (2008 Remix).
  • Hey CMJ is next month, and if you’d like to sigh in a self-satisfied matter and say, “I was listening to [huge buzz band] back in September,” our music editorial staff has picked five Bands to Watch.
  • Plus, doing it with people and then not wanting anyone to know you did it together; Thai food and tapas; The Gap; and more.

Pick us up today, Jared Leto reads The L when he finishes reading the front page of USA Today, and if that’s not a ringing endorsement then, well, no, wait, it’s not, oops.