Palin Makes Bush Look Like Disraeli

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09/04/2008 1:00 PM |

The Gentle Witch of the North

That sinking, depressed feeling came back last night. That same bewildered, angry, confused, "Do people really believe all this" horror that can only be provoked by one thing: a Republican National Convention. And now, the morning after the speech, as we bounce around the echo chamber trying to figure out if, in fact, people really do buy this stage-managed jingoism, we get sadder and sadder. But then we read thoughtful analysis like this, and this, and we have hope again! Holy shit it’s going to be a long, emotionally excoriating two months.

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  • She was so scary. You could almost hear her teeth gnashing in her mouth as she bashed Obama for doing terrible things like “community organization”. Last time I checked, community service in a highly populated urban area, focused on helping disenfranchised residents change their community for the better ranked slightly higher than building hockey rinks with money gained from raising taxes on groceries.

    Also, I think she compared herself to a pitbull with lipstick.

  • The hockey mom=pit bull with lipstick thing is deeply offensive to me as a Canadian. For true. I’m pissed. I’m going to jersey her and her whole family until they turtle.

  • Yeah, the “community organizer” digs are weird — I’m surprised they haven’t started lighting into Obama for being some kind of fruity elitist law school lecturer, too, because clearly that’s not any kind of experience people can relate to, either — like community activism is somehow some weird bleeding-heart vanity project, and not civic devotion on the same level (but urban rather than rural) as the school boards and city councils which Sarah Palin to her credit served with fervor.

    I’ve figured out why I hate her as much as I do. Basically, it’s because she, like Bush (and maybe Reagan though I’m too young), appeals to people who’re openly resentful of the idea that elected leaders might somehow be smarter or otherwise better or more advantaged than us. She’s the next great have-a-beer-with candidate, and this scares the crap out of me (in addition to makes me angry, and depressed that eight years of Bush hasn’t made us wish our president wasn’t, to use the parlance of US Weekly, Just Like Us). I don’t fucking want to have a beer with someone who wants the government and its evangelical base to decide what books belong in a community library, I really don’t.

  • Well put, Mark. Though I would submit that Bubba Clinton did a pretty damn good job playing the likable everyman Preznit, and that it’s the early Clinton machine playbook that has really led to this terrifying bizarro world moment, in which a hardworking, single-parented success story is something to be hidden, while bad grades and poor decisions are trotted out like folk tales (err, volkstales). (Not saying Clinton actually did that, just that he set the wheels in motion.)

  • Thanks, glad that’s not just me. I suppose you could also trace it back to Nixon’s Silent Majority speech (but maybe not further, given all the patricians and war heroes he followed), and also attribute Bubba’s positioning at least in part to his in-retrospect pretty abhorrent advisors like unrepentent hick James Carville and vile triangulator Dick Morris.

  • i can’t understand the inability to vote for people who aren’t “just like us”- all day yesterday the npr wonks wonking around the convention interviewed idiot after idiot saying the exact same thing: we think sarah palin is great because everyone is going to be able to identify with her, and her “struggles”.

    i.e. her sub-par intellect, her daughter whose pregnancy is “living” proof of palin’s hypocrisy, her too-large family, the terrifying control mechanisms she put in place when she first became mayor of butt-fuck alaska because she was too insecure to do things the way they had been done, etc. etc.

    sweet jesus, save us from this monster.

    i do not want to elect anyone who is anything like me- they’ll leave their dirty laundry on the floor of the presidential apartments, ruin all of Jackie O’s upholstery with dogs and sloppily eaten take-out, and have absolutely no interest in anything except reading books and meeting john darnielle and saving the polar bears and making everyone a vegetarian.

    i want someone who’s smarter than ten of me put together, who sounds like he/she came from a finishing school, not a technical college, and has had a passport for more than a year and a half. i want a mo-fo GENIUS with nerves of steel, not someone who can’t control a puffy cheerleader troll teen.

    clinton played bubba to the hilt, but the jfk photo, the fulbright, the fact that he could talk circles around every advisor and member of the press corps: mad respect.

  • I wouldn’t have a beer with Bush even if it was the last beer on earth. Or in the middle of the desert on a hot day and I was on fire. Yeah.

  • The scary part for me is not that Palin and co are actualy “just like us” it’s that they are not, and will successfully fool voters into believing they are meanwhile being perfectly capable of pushing their own agendas. As for leaders being more advantageous than the rest of us I believe this was the principle America tried to work away from way back in the day.