Saving Katie Holmes: A Misguided Protest

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09/02/2008 2:30 PM |

I knew the old Katie Holmes was gone the microsecond her darling Tom Cruizazy mounted that yellow Oprah couch and bounced up and down and proclaimed his love for her, like a little Hollywood-engineered monkey on fame drugs. It was just goodbye, basically. Yesterday’s Joey Potter, Rising Young Actress is today’s Mad Money-starring, Scientology-approved mama.

My only consolation in this upsetting coming-of-age transformation has been, for the most part, Katie’s evolving, sophisticated sense of style — not counting when she and Victoria Beckham first started hanging out and Katie was trying to copy her all the time. A part of me understood and gave her a pass because I think when you get a new, cool friend this is something that naturally happens, although, Posh Spice? Really?

However, Mrs. Cruizazy’s sartorial missteps are not the driving motivation for
anti-Scientology gang Anonymous, who are using Katie’s Oct. 16 Broadway debut in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons as an excuse to rally. According to the Scoop:

Of the group’s plans to picket the "Sons" opening, the spokesperson
said their main aim was to "save Katie." "We want to draw attention to
Scientology, and hopefully get Katie out of it before its too late."

That’s all very well and good. But I think it IS too late, and has been
for awhile. What isn’t beyond saving is the superficial aspect of
Katie’s existence — namely, what the Thetan she’s thinking slumming
around in a clownish denim parade of baggy man-pants? Even Tim Gunn is upset! I’d almost rather see her in a Spice Girls tour costume than this.