Sex Advice from a Goose: “There’s Something Under the Bed”

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09/15/2008 9:00 AM |

Welcome to our weekly feature in which I, Gary, The L’s wooden goose, shall answer the questions asked of Audrey Ference, The Natural Redhead, in the current issue of the L.

Dear Audrey Gary,
Recently I had sex with this guy. It was nice, I like him, and I would consider further sex or a relationship. Except that as I was getting dressed, I saw a fetish magazine and other gear stuck under his bed (cosplay/furry). I asked his roommate about it, and the roommate said that he knows the guy has gone to at least one convention. This is not a fetish I’m interested in exploring. Should I stop seeing this guy? Confront him about it? Wait for him to bring it up? Nowhere in our sex-having has he so far mentioned anything about the fetish.

Well, I think you should be more open to the idea of sex with people who enjoy dressing up as other animals, obvs, but I’m mostly interested in the dynamic between you, this alleged furry, and this alleged furry’s roommate. Like, presumably, if I knew that my roommate (college friend? found on craigslist?) had been to a convention for furries (or, really, any other kind of public sexytime), then this would be a roommate that I knew fairly well? Like, presumably, a roommate that I knew better than his new hookup who is trying not-so-subtly to get the lowdown on his predilection for dressing up in mascot gear and boning? Like, presumably, a roommate to whom I would probably talk about his new hookup, who I don’t really know, and how she was asking me about his predilection for dressing up in mascot gear and boning, about which I know?

I dunno, either the non-furry has told the alleged furry that you’re weirded out about his alleged furriness, or else he feels guilty for not telling him etc. Why must we deceive? More honesty, frankness and openness in our discussions about boning, everyone. Like: I like fucking geese. There. I said it.