Sex and the City Goes Back To High School

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09/18/2008 4:02 PM |

I’m usually all about the Y.A. lit-mission, but is a series prequel to Sex and the City written for high school girls really necessary? It won’t be here until 2010, so Candace Bushnell has plenty of time to weave new plots around the little factoids she had Carrie drop here and there throughout the HBO run. But two years from now, even with that wild-card crossover potential — teens and grown women combined could put this thing on best-seller lists like whoa — will they still be just as hungry for it?

According to Bushnell’s HarperCollins publishers, The Carrie Diaries (of course that’s what it’s called!) will “be set partly in New York and partly in
whatever suburb Carrie is supposed to have spent her childhood.” And that’s not all. Should Cecily von Zeigesar be worried someone is attempting to take over her turf? From editor Alessandra Balzar:

"I mean, the kids will be doing what teenagers realistically do,
but it’s not going to be provocative for the sake of that," Ms. Balzer
said. "I would never put something in just to put it in. But if it was
organic to the story and it was something that felt real, then it would
be in there."

I hope by the time this hits bookstores, something else, anything else,
will have taken a hold of our hearts with a far greater sense of
permanence. However, thinking ahead (memo to Patricia Field!): if this
series will be adapted to the televisions, as it is inevitably destined
to be, can the outfits PLEASE be reminiscent of Sarah Jessica Parker
and Helen Hunt’s timeless, delightful turn in the dance meets
romance classic Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?* Because, it they were? Well, there you go. I would watch.

[New York Observer: “Carrie the Kid”]

*The best line from that film is delivered by a fresh-faced Shannen
Doherty: “Do you really think I’m punk? Well, that’s outrageous! I
mean, it’s not
as cool as new wave, but it’s a lot better than pre-teen!” God, so good.