Someone Else Hand-Made This So You Don’t Have To: Top Ten Crafty Sarah Palin Accessories

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09/12/2008 9:30 AM |

Mark’s Thursday List about soul-numbing political paraphernalia got me thinking. Popular web-retailer Cafe Press has the Sarah Palin accessories on lock-down, but what if you want to support the White Witch of the North indie-style? You head to where DIY is king, and shipping is free if you live Alaska.

1. Sarah Palin Felt Pin/Brooch by thecupcakery

She may look vaguely South Park-ian, but does that detract from the overall charm of this soft, felty version of a lady who lurves her lipstick? ‘Course not! Small and cuddly enough to cup in the palm of your hand! And so uniquely chic.

2. Republican Flower Power Belt by melissamoz

Perfect for keeping your skinny jeans from falling down at one of those Rock Shows!
Flower Power, though: wasn’t that a slogan those dirty hippies used in
the 60s when they weren’t protesting the Vietnam War, bumping uglies
in peace-emblazoned sex vans, or writing songs about drugs on their guitars?

3. Sarah Palin T-Shirt: “Community Organizers Suck” by unionmaide

Sometimes, a speech isn’t just a speech. It’s a lifestyle, for gosh sakes. Which is
why this girly pink Sarah Palin “Community Organizers Suck” T-shirt will send all
the right social signifiers out to all the right people. Its been decorated lovingly for you with a rainbow array of fabric markers. And, as the
seller notes, it’s perfect for layering–“not too thin, not
too beefy.” Dress it up or down.

4. Hugging Polar Bear Wallet by frozenpeas

I don’t know if one of these bears is supposed to be Sarah, but man, how adorable will this look inside your MJ clutch?

5. McCain-Palin Republican Party Burp Cloth by lynndascreations

Order in bulk now, just in case someone in your household accidentally gets knocked up tomorrow. “No more ugly burp cloths over your shoulder. Fun fashion burp cloths are now here.” Whoever said fashion and politics didn’t mix was on Cruizeazy pills!

6. Sarah Palin Onesie by JonahDay

What newborn infant wouldn‘t want to be swaddled in one of these winners while you push them to Tea Lounge in their pram? Get ’em trained young!

7. John McCain and Sarah Palin Earrings by DIYorDIE

Kitschy Shrinky Dink jewelery, holl-er. Cover them in glitter and wear them to the next Fashion Week! Even Cory Kennedy will want to be your friend.

8. John McCain and Sarah Palin Hand Soldered Glass Pendant by lightuntomypath

Bring out the emo girl pundit in you. Pearls, schmerls! Silver ball chains and soldered metal are so Hot-Topic-2001-Maybe-Ironically-Cool-Today.

9. Sarah Palin Buttons: Set of 3 by messageonabutto

Women are supposed to vote for McCain-Palin: the buttons are pink, see? That new, fitted H&M fall blazer you just bought is practically begging to have the lot of these stuck on its lapel. They’d work equally well on a black messenger bag, of course.

10. Moose: It’s What’s For Dinner Wood Sign by abitofthisnthatshop

This was hand-made in Palmer, Alaska, which is “right next to Sarahs hometown of Wasilla!” OMG, so basically, you can totally say you stole this festive ornament from Sarah Palin’s kitchen when she had you over for that End-of-Summer Moose-Burger BBQ! Double scene points for thieving!

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  • google National Enquirer and grab that pic off the front page. good for your comp. wallpaper, t-shirts, etc.

    I don’t know, who’s more of an authority, NY Times or National Enquirer? If you are joe shmoe in Ohio? sorry, I’m being bad. just read Paul Krugman’s piece and yeah, bad business.