Someone Else Made This So That You Don’t Have To: Wall Street Crash Edition

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09/26/2008 1:45 PM |

Each week, I check out what the indie kids are making and selling on everyone’s favorite online marketplace for DIY goods,
You don’t have to own a glue gun, a silkscreen machine, or a Bedazzler
to send out all the right signifiers! Someone else already made that
post-ironic-whatever so that you don’t have to. Let’s build a new
economy together by buying handmade!

Wall Street Beadboxman Bead Storage Cigarbox Lampwork, by bedboxman

Great for keeping beads, bric-a-brac, or the hundos you got when you
cashed in all your Certificates of Deposit organized. With a chilling
pictorial reminder of what’s goin’ DOWN.

Economically Depressed Silkscreen T-Shirt by CubistLiterature

Whenever you rock this, you’ll be telling the world: I’m suffering from fiscal melancholia, which is maybe the new emo?
And I’m making sad-faces about it! That peacock looks sadder than the
moose heads hanging in Sarah Palin’s renovated basement. Poor little

I Heart Economic Collapse T by collapse

A great gift for the Daniel Desarios in your social clique, or just random masochists who enjoy being stoned by the passerby.