Someone Else Made This So You Don’t Have To: Teen Girls, Old Ladies and Spoiled Pets For Obama

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09/19/2008 9:34 AM |

The elves were hard at work this week, toiling away in their gingerbread houses to create political paraphernalia for the indie-minded consumer. Today, we focus on some sleek new Barack Obama items, mostly because I can’t bring myself to discuss this anit-Sarah Palin button and keychain, which coolly reference Matt Damon’s “it’s like a bad Disney movie” comment.

1. Blue Wings Obama Shirt by coup

Obama is depicted here as an angel, with metallic-blue wings of change spreading across your chest. That’s how we know you really mean it, hipster. But instead of that chucky necklace, may I suggest accessorizing with an Arden Wohl headband? You wouldn’t want to look like you cared TOO MUCH, after all.

2. Old White Woman For Obama Bracelet by livewire

“Who says old white women are not Obama’s ‘demographic’?! Prove them
wrong!” Oh, to be the silversmith who forged this bangle. So, yes: Are you old? Are you white? Do you <3 Barack Obama, sterling silver, and brash engravings? Well, then, this is pretty much the best way to spend your nest-egg monies before all the banks collapse. Enjoy! 3. Princess 4 Obama Sterling Tags by AutumnLeavesJewelry

We can force dogs to wear
human costumes and send them to movie premieres, so we damn well better be able to tell them how to vote.