Survivor, Real World

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09/29/2008 4:25 PM |

Well, folks, it’s been a nice run. Those canned-soup -and-gun clichés are coming to pass, as we will soon be back to a barter economy. But don’t worry, here’s a nice survivalist link-dump so you can study up on the End Times for the remaining hour and a half of your soon-to-be erstwhile internet access. After the jump, you can learn how to cook pine bark!

Go forth and survive:

The conspiracy-minded, bad art of Millenium Ark.

The cosmic benevolence of the Gentle Survivalist.

The Army Field guides (yeah,
like we’d trust these guys at this point).

The Red Dawn fetishists at Captain Dave’s Survival Center.

The Matrix fetishists at Code Name Insight.

The wing-nut libertarians of Frugal Squirrel (with a surprisingly nice
design aesthetic… kudos wingnuts!)

The haha goodtimes fear mongering at the End Times Report!