Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea: TONIGHT at Riverside Park Pier!

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09/02/2008 5:15 PM |

This afternoon, we received a lovely e-mail from Brooklyn-based artist/writer/curator/cellist Tianna Kennedy, who has spent part of her summer working on The Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea, a “flotilla of seven intricately hand crafted vessels” designed and organized by street art luminary Swoon. Her floating, steam-powered art installation has been navigating the Hudson River between Troy and the New York Harbor for the past few weeks: You may recall having heard about the project — which sounds all kinds of amazing, especially since Bay-Area industrial artist collective Kinetic Steam Works is involved — in a recent Art & Design piece in the Times. Today, however, Kennedy reports straight from the front, or main top-jib, or something equally nautical:

Howdy, I’ve been junkrafting and camping on the Hudson
for a month with the folks from the Switchbacksea.org, and am almost
home. Please come out to see the boats and our performance (I’ve been
drafted to play cello with dark dark dark)…The performance is lovely,
the boats are beauties, and we’re all battered and story-full. Can’t
wait to see you!

At 8 pm, the junkboats will dock at the
Riverside Park Pier (70th St and the Hudson River). The official opening reception is September 7 if you can’t make tonight’s impromptu fête, but you should probably just go to both. You deserve it!

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