The iPhone Magazine

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09/22/2008 1:32 PM |

It was bound to happen before long: a magazine created exclusively for iPhone users. How seemingly random, however, that its been founded by society snapper Patrick McMullan, who admits, while chatting with the New Yorker’s Lizzie Widdicombe, that he doesn’t even own an iPhone himself! No matter. PMc is being edited by Michael Merriam, formerly of Time Out Istanbul. He has spent “thousands of hours” writing and editing copy on a three-by-two-inch screen, which sounds really painful and unecessary, yet sort of amazing in that masochistic media sort of way. But the best part about producing a magazine that you’re supposed to read on a phone isn’t the fact that it’s utterly portable. It’s that the entire thing is supposed to sound like Joan Didion!

Merriam, who is twenty-nine and has messy strawberry-blond hair,
believes that you can publish perfectly good articles on a phone.
"There just have to be fewer adjectives and adverbs," he said. "Just
nouns followed by verbs. I think a Joan Didion sentence—a lot of short
sentences—can do that. Joan Didion’s sentences don’t rely on
subordinate clauses."

Widdicombe sat in on one of PMc’s post-Fashion Week staff meetings, and was able to witness a beautiful exchange that I can’t help but think will really piss off Janice Minn.

After a few minutes, Merriam found his favorite shot: a picture,
from the Marc Jacobs show, of Victoria Beckham’s back. If you zoomed
in, and held the phone close to your face, you could read words
tattooed between her shoulder blades. "Awesome," he said.

pointed to some bony parts of Beckham’s back. "Can you crop it to get
rid of that horrible skeletal shit? Because we’re not Us Weekly. We don’t want to scare people."

Miniature fashion spreads don’t make that “skeletal shit” any less disturbing. Smart choice.