Thursday List: Hilarious, Depressing, Awful and Otherwise Soul-Numbing Political Paraphernalia

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09/11/2008 2:40 PM |


I am so confuse. Follow the jump for more great moments in the recent history of the world’s reigning superpower.


What is a future leader. I just picture some spit-combed twerp in a sweater-vest whose aunts and uncles think he’s precocious because he’s socially awkward and reads Newsweek when he comes home from trumpet lessons. So, this keychain (like many items on this list sold by a vendor unaffiliated with any campaign), for the budding Alex P. Keaton in your life.


Ha, remember when that happened? That was great.


Not his name.


See, it works on so many levels: “love” backwards is embedded within the word “revolution”, and of course the inverse of Love is Hate, which is what Ron Paul feels for Mexicans.




… is what it says on this t-shirt:

“Now Available in XXXL.” You don’t say.


Everyone now living deserves to die.


Biting the hand that makes L Magazine hoodies here, but seriously: not really helping with the whole “Secret Muslim” thing. The reference, of course, is to the 50th best Clash song, inexplicably the band’s biggest hit, presumably due to its arena-rock riffage and singalong chorus, which sounds just brainless enough, and is repeated incessantly enough, to be refashioned however you like. (A previous, equally inane usage of the song came during the first Gulf War, during which the song enjoyed a protracted resurgence, in part because U.S. servicemen would tag the titular phrase on missiles aimed for Baghdad; Joe Strummer is said to have wept when he heard. Anyway, this is like that, only without the outright jingoism.)