Today in Oy Veys: Florida Seniors Discuss the Debates

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09/30/2008 4:45 PM |

Happy Rosh Hashanah! Many of my fellow Heebs probably already saw this Daily Show clip, and perhaps you agree with me that it is so not kosher. It features correspondent Wyatt Cenak, who gets a bunch of senior citizens in Florida to live-blog the Presidential Debate the only way they know how: shouting their uncensored reactions. One scary-loud lady — who probably is a lovely woman except for the fact that she thinks Foxy News is “fair and balanced” — unleashed an uniformed mini-tirade about Barack Obama that made my hands ball into fists. And when he thought nobody was paying attention, a kind-looking gentleman and his wife chuckled to one another that Michelle Obama is “built like a horse,” because according to his astute observations, most black women are.

It’s awful. Completely cringe-inducing. But ow, you know? I feel the ongoing unjust sting of Hypocrisy In
Action. Look, Wonkette is having a big funny over Sarah Palin’s potentially white-trash tattooed lipstick, and I can’t stop grooving to a song that talks about how she’s unqualified to do anything other than have lots of sex with rappers. I really don’t want to become the nutty liberal version of these Olds, yelling about the bailout from my retirement cardboard box.

That fine line between utter horror and batshit hilarity just keeps getting skinner. Like all the grandchildrens. We should eat more! All of us. Eat, eat! Sigh, amen, etc., I’m off to gorge on apples and honey.

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  • Since it’s that time of year: Sharon, if I’ve done anything to offend you over the past year, like yell out racist epithets in the middle of our iChats, I’d like to apologize and ask for your forgiveness.

  • It’s already been forgiven! Or forgetten? Although I might have to pray over the fact that you find Ian McEwan overrated. Tear!