Tomorrow: The Brooklyn Country Fair

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09/19/2008 5:00 PM |

It’s a veritable smorgasbord, orgasbord, orgasbord in Prospect Park tomorrow, as the L’s Brooklyn Country Fair comes to the Southwest corner of the park. There won’t be 4H tykes racing pigs, or a Gravitron, but there will be live music from appropriately flannel-clad bands like Balthrop, Alabama; a pie-eating contest (really!), food from local restaurants, and the Conscientious Objector, Amanda Park Taylor, dispensing eco-advice for 25 cents a tidbit.

There’s a Big Buck Hunter game in every bar in Brooklyn, surely we all get nostalgic for home when the leaves start to turn. We tried to get a tractor pull together but couldn’t on such short notice, sorry. But you should still come, for the scent of apples and sawdust and America and your childhood. And the pie-eating contest.

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