Tonight: The L Magazine’s Second Annual Nightlife Awards

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09/16/2008 9:00 AM |

Well, kids, it’s time to slather yourselves in body glitter and fill your heart with love for fabulous people you wouldn’t recognize in the deli under natural light: it’s The L Magazine’s second annual Nightlife Awards party, at Touch, for which the winners and judges and voters of the eponymous recognition of Nightlife Excellence will celebrate their, um, Nightlife Excellence, by having excellent nightlife together. (That means like music and performances and dancing and all that stuff. And who knows what else.)

Oh, right, the L Magazine’s actual Nightlife Awards will be the focus of the issue of the L out tomorrow, after being announced tonight. (I lost the nose-game and will have to type out the blank part of all 105,000 copies of the new issue tonight, as they’re announced and then sent to me here, at the office, from Mike Conklin’s iPhone. So, I won’t see you there tonight, sorry.)