Toot Too Goes Our Horn; “Interesting But What About…” Goes You

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09/20/2008 12:00 AM |

“Rowin’s piece on modern blackface is the most important piece of cultural criticism I’ve read this year. He really gets at the heart of how this persistent strain of humor closes down dialogue between different cultures rather than opening it up. I’ve been waiting and hoping for somebody to write this piece for years now. I wish that every comedian, writer, filmmaker, commentator — hell every consumer or creator of pop culture — could read it.”

So sez former New York Press and New York Times film critic Matt Zoller Seitz, about The White Negro [2008 Remix], which appears in the current issue of the L. I do not disagree with his assessment. And, having worked with Michael on the piece, I would add that there’s an almost infinite amount of cultural material that couldn’t find its way into a 1,200-word essay, and that it’s an endlessly fascinating subject for consideration and discussion. So, you know, join the conversation.