Trend Spotting: Colored Tights

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09/02/2008 10:30 AM |

No use in being in denial about it — buh bye, warm weather and on-purpose bare legs. At a rooftop party this weekend, where the chill in the night air felt imminent, I saw a girl in a black shorts-jumpsuit, flats, and colored tights. Believe me, she stood out — and not just because she had a super-tough haircut among all the side-bangs.

Scarlet stockings were all over the F08 runways, and I’ve seen several style bloggers stocking up on pastels (how very Easter Sunday), as well as wilder, printed versions for fall. The latter seem fairly hit or miss, but with the right dress (perhaps not a bright blue one that dredges up Wonder Woman associations, although, if that’s what you’re going for…). Verdict, if you please?

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