Trend Spotting: M.I.A.’s First Collection

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09/15/2008 6:00 PM |

Back in June, WWD broke the news that everyone’s favorite Sri Lankan rapper would debut her own, limited-edition clothing line before the end of the summer:

"With my stuff, because everything’s really bright, if you lose it or
someone steals it, you can see it from miles away and you can be like,
‘Oy! Give me my shirt back!’"

Reckoning day has arrived; today the clothes became available for purchase at M.I.A.’s “Okley Run” online shop. The prices are clearly more than a little absurd (the President Tee is adorbs, but $75 is a little, okay, a lot WTF for what is essentially a glorified band shirt) and the patterns aren’t nearly as cheesy-crazy-cool as the threads she rocks herself. I think they were watered down a bit too much to appeal to the Agyness Deyn crowd — but I’m willing to give Maya a pass on her debut. Mostly because I just heart her. Critically speaking? At least it’s better than Avril Lavigne’s collection. (Most things are, though — and I say this as a devoted fan of Mrs. Deryck Whibley’s pop croonings. She was meant to belt, not design.)

M.I.A., however, I could see giving this another real shot. Maybe Marc Jacobs will offer her a few tips? This time next year, she could be a guest-judging on Project Runway, and might actually show up to do her sartorial duty — unlike some people. Hmph.

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