Trend Spotting: Plastic Ponies

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09/22/2008 5:30 PM |

I actually really loved the “Made in Manhattan” fashion spread from this Sunday’s Page Six magazine, but the penultimate image had me all eyebrow raise-y crazy-face-y. Yes, yes, I know, fashion is supposed to be very esoteric and playful and difficult for we stunted lay-persons to understand sometimes. And yet. This lovely model just looks so UNNATURAL carrying that gigantic plastic pony! It’s like: huh?

It reminded me of “The Pony Problem,” an essay about a grown woman amassing a collection of plastic horses from ex-boyfriends, which appeared in Sloane Crosley’s collection I Was Told There’d Be Cake. Which is semi-related to this picture — it’s supposed to show us that big girls can be whimsical and carefree like the childrens. See, she’s holding a bunch of balloons and wearing primary colors.

Maybe it’s the fact that the pony itself is too stylized and appears to have no face. Maybe it’s the fact that, for all intents and purposes, they REALLY should have called in an original My Little Pony as a prop, because that may have breezily negated all the negatives and turned the entire thing into one gigantic thumbs up. Or maybe it’s just because no matter how Lolita-esque the ladies of New York City secretly want to be, I would venture to say we’d prefer to express it by carrying Hello Kitty wallets instead of strolling through Central Park cluthing a plastic farm animal by the midriff.

That ShopBop dress is hella cute, though.