Trend Spotting: The Tom Wrap Boot

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09/05/2008 2:30 PM |

I’m not sure whether it’s due to the fact that Britney Spears has
been dutifully hiding from the paparazzi lately, or just because it
feels as if this summer has lasted way too long, but its been forever since I’ve seen someone tooling around in a pair of Uggs.

I realize the rational justification behind this kind of footwear.
By this point, everyone has them, so I should be deadened to their
offensive silhouette. But I’m not.

That said, I rather enjoy another ubiquitous shoe trend that’s had
everyone all heart-hug this summer–I speak of the Toms renaissance, of
course. To me, Toms are a totally feminized version of Vans, a sneaker
I’ve long admired and have never been able to wear, probably because my feet are the size of a small yacht. In Vans, they look like a
Disney cruise ship. Toms, however, create the illusion that they’re
only as long as a one-person canoe! I appreciate this.

Alas. The unfuckwithableness never lasts for
very long. The good people at Toms have up and decided they can fashion a
winter shoe out of a summer one! Which would be fine if they’d bothered to translate the design a bit better. I just caught sight of their new
Wrap Boot–made out of cotton, which, let’s be honest, doesn’t do a
thing to keep out the biting chill. (You might as well traipse through
the snowdrifts in your Mischa Keds.) The wrap boots also resemble
glorified calf-bandages dyed in autumn shades. Not a good thing, in my

I’m thinking: Potentially, over skinny jeans (although, how skinny
would they have to BE to stuff into these things? Don’t they look
absurdly tiny at the ankle?!), they could be ballerina-esque in a
weird, Evanescence-y kind of way. Or,they could be a complete and utter fail. Wishful thinking? Yay or nay?

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