Trend Spotting: Wakamaru at UNIQLO

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09/08/2008 8:30 AM |

The next time you can’t decide whether the extra-skinny pair of skinny jeans you’re trying on at UNIQLO SoHo are skinny enough, and the dressing room attendant seems a little to harried to care, why not just ask Wakamaru? He’s a humanoid (not a robot, not a person) who will arrive at the store sometime this week.

Wakamaru can assist you with your basic shopping needs, make eye contact, and engage in simple conversation. But we wonder whether his sartorial advice is simply aloof and polite, or just brutally honest?

“What do you think of this dress?”

“I don’t know, but honey, that underwear is more prominent than a pair of Pampers.”

Perhaps only if he was programmed by Michael Kors. Please do report back if you manage to have any interesting interactions with Uniqlo’s newest staff member.