Trend Spotting: We Probably Shouldn’t Buy Anything Frivolous For A Bunch Of Years, Huzzah!

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09/29/2008 4:01 PM |

Yeah, we are all “on the outside” today, Urban Outfitters. Appreciate the sad-eyed model visual. Is it not awkward to be bombarded with pretty catalogue pictures right now, at this very special moment in our Crisis Time? Oh woe and yay and let’s just giggle ourselves to death because WTF etc.?! Welcome to Main Street,
where new houndstooth fall jackets are an urban myth.

CNTL + ALT + DELETE, DSW! I cannot afford your wacky ankle booties under $50 anymore. Leave me and my non-dollars alone, kthxbai.

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  • I can’t stop buying, tho! Even with the failing *economy* (whatever-the-fuck that’s supposed to mean to my life besides high gas prices equalling less ‘savings’ $) I can’t stop eying up the cute white dress from Lucky Brand at TJ’s for $20- great staple piece for next season!- and the casually comfy but great fitting linen pants for $19.97 at Banana Republic…it’s so hard to stop a habit cold turkey because you know things suck but feel such a small impact now on your life.